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Smoke Free Cannabis Consumption

Smoking cannabis, whether with a joint, ripping a bong hit or a one-hitter, is the most common and well-known method of consumption. There are alternatives, some of which offer more targeted dosing.


Thanks to craft brands like Rose Delights, Space Gem and Wyld, the edible experience is elevated in more ways than one! High-grade, small batch ingredients offer low sugar and great taste. You can find edibles in the low dose range (1 - 5 mg) or 10 mg and higher potency (a 100 mg Dr. Norm's Chocolate Fudge Brownie is our idea of heaven). Many products cater to specific needs --  are you looking for a daytime, energetic high? Or, do you want to relax and deal with anxiety or pain? Pantry Nite Bites and Kanha CBN gummies, for example, help with combatting insomnia and sleep problems.


For those looking to dip into the sober curious or alcohol-free realm, cannabis beverages are a hangover-free alternative. Like edibles, drinks can be dosed according to your plans. Lagunitas offers 2 mg sparkling waters, Mad Lilly offers a CBD:THC ratio and Wunder has high dosage folks covered. The higher dose (100 mg bottles of Keef, St. Ides and Space Gem) beverages are also great for use as mixers in cannabis-infused cocktails.


Whether you’re on the go or prefer to mix a dose in a beverage or food, oil-based tinctures are convenient and fun. Onset of effects can take anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes. The effect will take longer when delivered through food. Sublinguals, administered under the tongue, offer much quicker onset and effect because they pass straight into the bloodstream. Proof 1:1 drops give a balanced mind and body high to carry you through the day. Breez Citrus CBD offers relief from pain and anxiety. For an energetic, focused high, opt for Proof CBG drops. VET CBD helps pets and fur friends with issues such as separation anxiety and joint pains. 

Creams, Body Oils & Feminine Care Products

Arguably the least known cannabis category of products, body oils and creams can address aches, sports-related soreness, arthritis and inflammation, eczema and psoriasis and women’s health issues related to menopause and period pain and cramps. Products such as Hello Again Vaginal Suppositories and OM Arnica Bath Salts give non-psychoactive relief, and brands such as Cosmic View, High Desert Pure and Quim are helping to broaden awareness of the whole body healing power of cannabis.

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